京都ヨガ・IYC京都 RAVISTA二条スタジオ★京都のヨガスタジオ!マイソール・アシュタンガヨガ・ハタヨガ開催中★トップページ RAVISTA二条スタジオ★寺町御池・京都市役所横のヨガスタジオ!アシュタンガヨガ・ハタヨガなど★トップページ

朝ヨガ・ワークショップ・指導者養成! 京都ヨガ・IYC京都でヨガを学ぼう!

京都ヨガ・IYC京都 五条スタジオ   京都ヨガ・IYC京都 二条スタジオ  【京都ヨガ】RAVISTA(ラヴィスタ) 二条スタジオ  京都ヨガ・IYC京都 円町スタジオ  京都ヨガ 太秦クラス  京都ヨガ 銀閣寺クラス  京都ヨガ 佐賀県神埼・福岡クラス  English

English - KYOTO YOGA & IYC KYOTO Yoga Studio

■English - KYOTO YOGA & IYC KYOTO Yoga Studio■

yoga kyoto sutudio kyotoyoga iyckyoto yoko anao authorized teacher KYOTO YOGA sutudio class IYC KYOTO english workshop

We have some yoga studios in KYOTO.
Gojo Studio, Ravista Nijo Studio,
Uzumasa Class, Ginkakuji Class and Kanzaki Class(Saga Pref).

There are various classes, such as Ashtanga Yoga and Hata Yoga, a workshop, teachers training course, lecture, intensive training, etc.
Please feel free to join us anytime.

Mysore style class is by advance reservation only.
Contact us by the day before.

■Price (Cash only)

We have Special First Time Tichets !
Please contact us !

- Ticket:
1 time Ticket : 3,000 yen
4 time Ticket : 10,800 yen
10 time Ticket : 21,600 yen
17 time Ticket : 29,300 yen
Early-morning Mysore Pass: 16,200 yen
(only Gojo Studio Pass, one month free pass for Mysore style class)

- Monthly fee system: one month
Admission fee: 5,000 yen
4 times per month : 7,300 yen
8 times per month : 12,500 yen

■Our Class

Ashtanga Yoga(Mysore Style, Full Primary, Half Primary and Beginner class)
Hata Yoga Class(Traditional Hata Yoga)
Easy Yoga Class(Hata Yoga)
Women's Yoga Class(Slowly Hata Yoga)
Beautifle Yoga(Vinyasa & Hata Yoga)
Relax & Refresh Yoga(Hata Yoga)
Beauty Yoga(Vinyasa style)
Slow-Flow Yoga(Vinyasa style)

■Class Schedule
Moon Day – No Mysore Style Class. (7/Dec - holiday)

Gojo Schedule(7,8,9 Month)PDF
Holiday event Schedul(7,8,9 Month)PDF

Nijo Studio / Shijo Schedule(7,8,9 Month)PDF
Holiday event Schedul(7,8,9 Month)PDF

Sorry, PDF is Japanese only. Please check the google schedule.

■Contact us
Email: kyotoiyc@yahoo.co.jp
Tel: +8175-351-3311 (075-351-3311)

725-3-3F Uematsucho, Matsubarasagaru, Kawaramachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city KYOTO

Kyoto Yoga Gojo Studio
IYC京都・京都ヨガ 五条スタジオ
Kataoka Building 3F Uematsucho, Matsubarasagaru, Kawaramachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city KYOTO

RAVISTA Nijo Studio
RAVISTA(ラヴィスタ) 二条スタジオ 京都ヨガ・IYC京都
Kunitomo Oike Building 3F, 491-2 Kami Honnojimae-cho, Kamigyo-ku Kyoto-city KYOTO

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